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Please fill out the contact form below and our staff will get back to you shortly. (Current residents: all work orders must be submitted directly to your property office. Contacts are provided below.)

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Contact Information

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Tsaile Acres

Phone: 928-724-3308

Fax: 928-724-3416

Corporate Office

Phone: 505-821-0193

Fax: 505-856-9941

Church Rock Estates

Phone: 505-297-3102

Fax: 505-297-3104

Rio Puerco Estates

Phone: 928-729-5210

Fax: 928-729-5209

Dineh Utility

Phone: 928-697-3419

Fax: 928-697-3417

Kayenta Estates

Phone: 928-697-3473

Fax: 928-697-3508

Shiprock and Napi Estates

Phone: 505-368-5676

Fax: 505-368-4412

Chilchinbeto Estates

Phone: 928-697-3520

Fax: 928-697-3583

Red Lake Acres

Phone: 505-777-2480

Fax: 505-777-2487

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